Work Place Catalyst Program


A balance between training and coaching is crucial in helping staff achieve their potential and deliver enhanced levels of ROI for companies who invest in their staff.

Work Place Catalyst Program

Coaching is expensive and the training budget in many small to medium sized companies often cannot sustain the correct level of investment in coaching to make a positive impact.

Spectacles Training & Coaching Ltd can now offer the 'Work Place Catalyst' (WPC) program to companies who want to get the best from their employees.  The objective of the WPC program is to make coaching available to any employee that would like to explore their potential at the fraction of the cost of conventional coaching (per person)  whilst still delivering the following benefits;

Work Place Catalyst Program Benefits.

  • Anyone in the company can gain access to coaching with the WPC program coach.
  • Employees can use coaching to boost their confidence and creativity.
  • Employees can unlock hidden or forgotten skills that could benefit the company.
  • The company develops a more enthusiastic, engaged and committed work force for a fraction of the cost of conventional coaching, thus bringing benefits to the bottom line.

How does the Work Place Catalyst Program work?

The concept of the Work Place Catalyst Program is simple. 

  • Companies book 'Spectacles' coaches to be on site for one day per fortnight for an agreed period of time.
  • Any employee within a company can book a 45 minute session with the coach per fortnight up to a maximum of six sessions.
  • Group coaching can also be arranged on site to stimulate communication and idea generation amongst teams.
  • The company pays a reduced day rate (not inc VAT or travel expenses) for a coach to be on site and available.