Happy Clients 

At Spectacles, we love happy clients! 

When people are able to make a meaningful change in their business or charity organisation or even personally, then it makes what we do at Spectacles worthwhile.  Take a look below and find out why our clients are happy clients.

Coaching Michelle, a technical sales professional.

Michelle is someone who has had a successful sales career for one of the top scientific instrumentation companies in the world.  Her words below express what coaching did for her.

"I started coaching about a year and a half ago.  I had heard a bit about coaching but had no idea what to expect.  I knew that I needed a change and was overly concerned about how those changes would effect my future.  I started a series of coaching sessions with John Hicks.  I had known John from a previous association and had come to respect him as a person.  I was looking forward to how coaching might change my life for the better.  The first question was what does better look like and how can I reach that goal.  It sounds like an easy question to define but there are so many moving parts to a life; career, family, friends and the obligations and responsibilities that come with each of them.  How can you make a change without part of this elaborate house of cards collapsing.  That's where John comes in.  Helping you define what is right and true for you and what works within your life matrix.  I recommend coaching for everyone and John is a wonderful person to go through the process with.  I've made changes in my life that have brought a greater sense of control, reduced stress and given me a higher quality of life than I could have thought possible a few years ago.  For anyone who is considering coaching with John Hicks I would encourage them to just start the process and let yourself be open to the experience, then watch the change in your life. "

Orion Insulation

Martyn Jones, Managing Director and owner of Orion recently wrote this about coaching with Spectacles;

"I like many others initially approached the concept of coaching with a little caution.
Having run a successful business for 25 years I didn’t see what coaching could do for me.
However, my company was about to face its biggest test in many years and dealing with this was causing both business and personal anxieties.
Working with John Hicks at Spectacles allowed me to regularly remove myself from the day to day aspects of the business and focus on the bigger picture.

I found this to be a great help keeping me both balanced and on target through a difficult period and am now somewhat of a coaching convert.

John and Spectacles are now included in my forward planning and I would not hesitate to recommend his services."

Chris Rose and Amos Trust

Amos Trust is a small, creative, London based charity that works with dynamic partners in different parts of the world to develop hope and justice.  With projects in Palestine, South Africa and Nicaragua as well as the enormously successful Street Child World Cup, it was important for their chief executive, Chris Rose, to be able to clearly define the way forward.

Chris was asked about what coaching with Spectacles had done for him and the Amos Trust.

 "Spectacles very quickly surpassed my expectations.  Setting aside the time and being challenged to really prioritise what I wanted for Amos enabled me to get a wider 360 degree picture of where we were and a fresh perspective on how to lead the team forward."

Assist Tech Europe

ATE is a leading supplier of assistive technology based in Gent, Belgium.  ATE hired Spectacles to develop a marketing strategy for the launch of their latest product in the UK, an Android app that helps people with Autism live an increasingly more independent life.
For more information on 'Cloudina', please click here.

Mel Findlater and The You Can Hub 

Mel is someone who inspires people to take an idea and run with it!  She does great work with people that are grappling with technology to make change.  She embarked on a series of coaching sessions with John Hicks to explore what she could do next with her own personal ideas.
Mel posted a video about what coaching did for her.  Take a look below;

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